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1 april 2022

I'm often the first one to have the last laugh - FAQbekwaam
Funny Friday goes international! Humour is something that sometimes transcends language, but often "flows" just a little bit better in your native language.

Until now! Because why shouldn't we do it in a different way? So from today, also in English! I have already translated some of the earlier Funnies for you.


Daylight savings - There's always time for summertime - FAQbekwaam
Positivity - every day starts with a goodmorning - FAQbekwaam
Spring cleaning - time to polish and clean up your cv - FAQbekwaam
Change often makes you more you - FAQbekwaam
I am sharp enough not to be blunt - FAQbekwaam
Sometimes you need an exclamation mark, period! - FAQbekwaam
Ambition is to approach the future in the past tense - FAQbekwaam


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